What is an Intuitive Healing?

An Intuitive Healing session is a one on one private session where the practitioner will help the participate heal any limiting beliefs that can hold them back from living ones best life. Clear and heal chakras as well as align and balance energy using Reiki and Sound. The participate is always in control and aware, not in a state of hypnosis rather relaxed in order to be open to feel. The practitioner uses their intuition to guide the healing session.

The process

The practitioner will guide the participate into a relaxed state by using a grounding meditation.  The practitioner will then use intuition to read the participates chakras. The practitioner will deliver any messages that come through and help to clear and provide reiki to chakras that the practitioner feels guided to. Any limiting beliefs will be acknowledged and worked on to heal. This healing is fluid and could lead to an Inner Chid or Past Life Healing. Here is a more detailed description of What an Intuitive Healer is.

Inner Child Healing Remote and In Person

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