What is Chakra Cleanse/healing?

A chakra cleanse is used to release stuck energy. If you are feeling stuck, stagnant, blocked, drained or unbalanced a Chakra Cleanse might help to relieve some of your unease and ultimately provide healing.

Each chakra is associated with different energies that at their best, freely flow. However, they can easily get stuck from simply living and should become routine to clear our chakras.

We help guide the practitioner to unblock some of this old energy that the practitioner is holding onto. After a chakra healing you will feel balanced, refreshed and aligned.  A healing can even help ease emotional and physical pain.

The process

The healing is done remotely over the phone. The practitioner will guide you into a relaxed and grounded state. During a mini chakra reading we will work to clear blockages within each chakra using sound, colors and intention to clean and illuminate each chakra. The session is about 15-20 min long.

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