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Building Brilliant Minds

September 12, 2023 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Webinar to discuss how lifestyle medicine can build brilliant brains for autism (especially severe) and ADHD. Natalie will share lifestyle & healing tools to regain lost milestones for those with Autism and ADHD. Learn the 6 pillars of health to focus on with a bit of science and fun stories. Gain access to support and a therapy framework to strengthen communication & independence. Opportunity to ask questions and receive ongoing support from Natalie Pelto.

For people new or stuck on their Autism and/or ADHD journey.

Natalie is an expert in nutrition and lifestyle integration and specializes in treating children with Autism and ADHD and their families. Her focus is on recovering lost milestones through advanced child brain development with nutrition practices to bring children to complete independence. Her mission and vision is to see our future generations thrive and overcome being non-verbal so they can impact the world with their unique gifts. Natalie was able to reverse her child’s severe autism diagnosis through her own protocol using lifestyle and food as an intervention.

Natalie has certifications in Advanced Child Brain Development with Nutrition, Toxicology and Detox specialist, Nutritional Therapist, Lifestyle Medicine, Cancer Prevention, and Longevity Nutritional Advisor, Advanced gut restoration with nutrition and an Advanced Clinical Weight loss practitioner. Her prior life was a frontline healthcare worker in diagnostics for 21 years.

As a parent of a child with autism, does any of this sound familiar ?


  • Fight and fail to get your autistic kids to eat new foods
  •  Struggle hard with social cues and end up in meltdowns from frustration
  • Wish more then anything that you didn’t fear losing your child when they are out because they can’t communicate
  • Worry your child will hurt themselves and you won’t be able to know how to help them
  • Panic your children will run out of the home and possibly into traffic or worse…
  • Wonder if you will ever hear the sound of their voice
  •  Feel overwhelmed at where to start
  • Experienced excruciating guilt when judged by other parents
  •  Dream of what life would be like with neuro-typical kids
  • Go to war to transition off screens
  • Bear disappointment and doubt when things don’t show results immediately
  • Tried enough supplements to support an army with little results
  • Perceive that autism is your fault (psst… it’s not your fault)
  • Know your child is in there, locked in their mind
  • Live in  trauma and PTSD

If any of these resonates with YOU, You’re in the right place.

Because your life can be free from the negative impacts of SEVERE autism symptoms.


We will email a webinar link prior to the event. 

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September 12, 2023
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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